Omeros Corporation (OMER)’s Financial Results Comparing With PTC Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:PTCT)

Omeros Corporation (NASDAQ:OMER) and PTC Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:PTCT) compete against each other in the Biotechnology sector. We will compare them and contrast their risk, analyst recommendations, profitability, institutional ownership, dividends, earnings and valuation.

Earnings & Valuation

Gross Revenue Price/Sales Ratio Net Income Earnings Per Share Price/Earnings Ratio
Omeros Corporation 21.61M 29.69 119.77M -2.48 0.00
PTC Therapeutics Inc. 256.43M 6.64 78.48M -1.70 0.00

Table 1 highlights Omeros Corporation and PTC Therapeutics Inc.’s gross revenue, earnings per share and valuation.


Table 2 provides us the return on equity, return on assets and net margins of both companies.

Net Margins Return on Equity Return on Assets
Omeros Corporation -554.23% 270.2% -123.7%
PTC Therapeutics Inc. -30.60% -32.7% -13.6%

Risk & Volatility

Omeros Corporation’s 3.71 beta indicates that its volatility is 271.00% more volatile than that of S&P 500. PTC Therapeutics Inc. on the other hand, has 2.26 beta which makes it 126.00% more volatile compared to S&P 500.


Omeros Corporation’s Current Ratio and Quick Ratio are 2.7 and 2.7 respectively. The Current Ratio and Quick Ratio of its competitor PTC Therapeutics Inc. are 2.7 and 2.6 respectively. therefore has a better chance of paying off short and long-term obligations compared to .

Analyst Recommendations

In next table is given Omeros Corporation and PTC Therapeutics Inc.’s ratings and recommendations.

Sell Ratings Hold Ratings Buy Ratings Rating Score
Omeros Corporation 0 0 0 0.00
PTC Therapeutics Inc. 0 1 3 2.75

On the other hand, PTC Therapeutics Inc.’s potential upside is 68.35% and its average target price is $50.

Institutional & Insider Ownership

The shares of both Omeros Corporation and PTC Therapeutics Inc. are owned by institutional investors at 48% and 94.5% respectively. About 0.4% of Omeros Corporation’s share are held by insiders. Insiders Competitively, held 3.31% of PTC Therapeutics Inc. shares.


In this table we show the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly and YTD Performance of both pretenders.

Performance (W) Performance (M) Performance (Q) Performance (HY) Performance (Y) Performance (YTD)
Omeros Corporation -0.72% -15.24% -46.46% -25.18% -31.27% -28.72%
PTC Therapeutics Inc. -2.82% -5.5% -26.52% -9.04% 106.09% 106.95%

For the past year Omeros Corporation has -28.72% weaker performance while PTC Therapeutics Inc. has 106.95% stronger performance.


On 8 of the 10 factors PTC Therapeutics Inc. beats Omeros Corporation.

Omeros Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company, discovers, develops, and commercializes small-molecule and protein therapeutics, and orphan indications targeting inflammation, coagulopathies, and disorders of the central nervous system. The company markets OMIDRIA for use during cataract surgery or intraocular lens replacement. Its clinical programs include OMS721 that is in Phase III clinical trial for the treatment of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome; and in Phase II clinical trial to treat thrombotic microangiopathies, IgA nephropathy, and other renal diseases. The companyÂ’s clinical programs also consists of OMS824, which is in Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of Huntington's diseases and schizophrenia; OMS405 that is in Phase II clinical trial to treat opioid and nicotine addiction; and OMS201, which is in Phase I/II clinical trial for use during urological procedures. Its preclinical programs comprise OMS527 for the treatment of addiction and compulsive disorders, as well as for movement disorders; OMS906 to treat paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria and other alternative pathway disorders; OMS721 for the treatment of aHUS, IgAN, HSCT-TMA, and age-related macular degeneration; and OMS616 to control surgical and traumatic bleeding. The companyÂ’s preclinical programs also include GPR17 for the treatment of myelin formation; GPR101 for appetite and eating disorders; GPR151 to treat schizophrenia and cognition; GPR161 for triple-negative breast cancer treatment; GPR183 for the treatment of osteoporosis, and Epstein-Barr virus infections and related diseases; GPR174 for modulation of the immune system; and Antibody Platform for metabolic, CV, oncologic, musculoskeletal, and other disorders. In addition, the company is developing OMS103 that has completed Phase III clinical trial for arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction and arthroscopic partial meniscectomy. Omeros Corporation was incorporated in 1994 and is based in Seattle, Washington.

PTC Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of orally administered, small molecule drugs that target post-transcriptional control processes. The companyÂ’s lead product is Translarna (ataluren), for the treatment of nonsense mutation Duchenne muscular dystrophy in ambulatory patients; and which is in phase III clinical trials to treat cystic fibrosis caused by nonsense mutations. It also develops Translarna, which is in Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of mucopolysaccharidosis type I caused by nonsense mutation, nonsense mutation aniridia, and nonsense mutation Dravet syndrome/CDKL5; and RG7916 that is in Phase I clinical trials to treat spinal muscular atrophy. In addition, the companyÂ’s product candidate in cancer stem cell program include PTC596, an orally bioavailable and potent small molecule, which has completed phase I clinical trials that targets tumor stem cell populations by reducing the activity and amount of a protein called BMI1. PTC Therapeutics, Inc. has collaborations with F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd and Hoffman-La Roche Inc., and the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Foundation to develop and commercialize compounds identified under its spinal muscular atrophy sponsored research program; and research collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital for the treatment of rare genetic disorders resulting from pre-mRNA. The company was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in South Plainfield, New Jersey.