Kezar Life Sciences Inc. (KZR)’s Financial Results Comparing With OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:OMED)

Kezar Life Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ:KZR) and OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:OMED), both competing one another are Biotechnology companies. We will contrast their analyst recommendations, profitability, institutional ownership, risk, dividends, earnings and valuation.

Valuation and Earnings

Gross Revenue Price/Sales Ratio Net Income Earnings Per Share Price/Earnings Ratio
Kezar Life Sciences Inc. N/A 0.00 19.68M -1.05 0.00
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. 54.88M 0.53 6.03M 0.13 7.15

We can see in table 1 the earnings per share (EPS), top-line revenue and valuation of Kezar Life Sciences Inc. and OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Table 2 hightlights the return on assets, return on equity and net margins of the two companies.

Net Margins Return on Equity Return on Assets
Kezar Life Sciences Inc. 0.00% 0% 0%
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. 10.99% 25.8% 6.5%


The Current Ratio and a Quick Ratio of Kezar Life Sciences Inc. are 32.9 and 32.9. Competitively, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. has 3.4 and 3.4 for Current and Quick Ratio. Kezar Life Sciences Inc.’s better ability to pay short and long-term obligations than OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Analyst Ratings

Kezar Life Sciences Inc. and OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. Recommendations and Ratings are available on the next table.

Sell Ratings Hold Ratings Buy Ratings Rating Score
Kezar Life Sciences Inc. 0 0 0 0.00
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. 0 1 0 2.00

Competitively OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. has an average target price of $1.5, with potential upside of 98.68%.

Institutional & Insider Ownership

Institutional investors held 47.5% of Kezar Life Sciences Inc. shares and 64.9% of OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. shares. Insiders held 22.8% of Kezar Life Sciences Inc. shares. Competitively, insiders own roughly 0.7% of OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s shares.


Here are the Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly and YTD Performance of both pretenders.

Performance (W) Performance (M) Performance (Q) Performance (HY) Performance (Y) Performance (YTD)
Kezar Life Sciences Inc. -9.94% 16.22% 45.19% 0% 0% 50.59%
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. -20.51% -45.61% -62.5% -67.48% -81.29% -77.32%

For the past year Kezar Life Sciences Inc. has 50.59% stronger performance while OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. has -77.32% weaker performance.


OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. beats on 9 of the 11 factors Kezar Life Sciences Inc.

Kezar Life Sciences, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company, engages in the discovery and development of small molecule therapeutics to treat unmet needs in autoimmunity and cancer in the United States. Its lead product candidate, KZR-616, a selective immunoproteasome inhibitor that is in Phase 1b/2 clinical trials in lupus and lupus nephritis The company was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. discovers and develops cancer stem cell (CSC) and immuno-oncology therapeutics. The companyÂ’s product candidates and preclinical programs include demcizumab (anti-DLL4, OMP-21M18), a humanized monoclonal antibody, in Phase II trial for pancreatic cancer, a randomized Phase II trial in non-small cell lung cancer, and a Phase Ib trial for solid tumor; tarextumab (anti-Notch2/3, OMP-59R5) that targets the Notch2 and Notch3 receptors, which is in Phase II clinical trial for small cell lung cancer; vantictumab (anti-Fzd, OMP-18R5) in two Phase Ib clinical trials for breast and pancreatic cancer; ipafricept (Fzd8-Fc, OMP-54F28), a fusion protein based on Frizzled8 receptor, which is in two Phase Ib clinical trials for ovarian and pancreatic cancer; and navicixizumab (anti-DLL4/VEGF Bispecific, OMP-305B83), a monoclonal antibody that targets DLL4 and vascular endothelial growth factor, which is in Phase Ia single-agent clinical trial for solid tumors, and two Phase Ib clinical trial for ovarian and metastatic colorectal cancer. It is also developing anti-RSPO3 (OMP-131R10), a monoclonal antibody, in Phase Ia/b clinical trial for solid tumor and metastatic colorectal cancer; brontictuzumab (anti-Notch1, OMP-52M51) targeting the Notch1 receptor, in Phase Ib clinical trial for colorectal cancer; anti-tigit (OMP-313M32), a T-cell immunoglobulin and ITIM domain protein, in Phase I clinical trial for tumor; and GITRL-Fc trimer (OMP-336B11), a preclinical product candidate targeting glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor and its ligand. The company has strategic alliances with GlaxoSmithKline LLC to develop and commercialize antibody therapeutics targeting the Notch signaling pathway; Bayer Pharma AG for biologic and small molecule therapeutics targeting the Wnt signaling pathway; and Celgene Corporation for anti-CSC product candidates. The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.