Parents hang selves, kids tug at their feet

KOLKATA: Alerted by the cries of a four-year-old, Ayush, and his two-year-old sister, Aradhya, from their one-storeyed tile-roofed house at Sonarpur?s Baisnabpara on Friday evening, neighbours broke open the door to find the kids at the feet of their parents? bodies hanging from the ceiling. The couple, Tapas Naiya (30) and his wife Priyanka (26), had in front of their children at their rented house.

The neighbours brought down Tapas and Priyanka and rushed them to Subhasgram hospital, where they were declared ?dead on arrival?. The hospital then informed the Sonarpur police.

The houseowner, Sekhar Ghosh, said, ?The family had rented the house two years ago. They seemed to share a harmonious relationship and would often go out together. Just last Sunday, the couple had organized a birthday party for their daughter. However, I did hear Tapas and Priyanka shouting at each other over the last two days.?

The family?s neighbour Padma Sardar said, ?Even on Friday afternoon, Tapas returned for lunch from his fish stall at Kasba Bazaar. Everything seemed fine, but the couple started quarrelling after lunch. After some time, I knocked on their door and requested them to stop shouting in front of their kids. I saw both Ayush and Aradhya playing on the floor at that time. The couple then turned quiet.?

?In the evening, I heard the kids crying incessantly. I pushed open one window and saw Tapas and Priyanka hanging from the ceiling, about five feet apart from each other. The kids were clinging to their parents? feet. I alerted the other neighbours and we broke open the door,? Sardar added.

Tapas?s sister Debi Naiya said, ?I brought Ayush and Aradhya to my house. While Aradhya is continuously crying, Ayush seems to be in shock. Tapas recently had to borrow huge sums for our father?s treatment.? A senior police officer said, ?A case of suicide has been registered and we are investigating the matter.?

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